Sika Deer Hunting with the legendary “John Fenton” in Wicklow Mountains

Philippe is proud to announce, in partnership with John Fenton, our exclusive 2 day hunting packages to the best hunting ground in Ireland.

In the heart of the Wicklow Mountains, you will be under the guidance of the legendary guide and outfitter “John Sika Fenton” and his team. John is renowned as the best sika trophy hunter in Ireland. His reputation in the field of sika hunting is unique and he has about 30,000 acres of hunting terrain at his disposal, He has now accompanied well over 1,000 travelling hunters.

John knows his terrain and his game, and is not afraid of sharing that knowledge. Many hunters have returned home, not only with memories of fantastic hunting adventures, but also with new knowledge of the world of sika hunting. This is a gift many hunters have really enjoyed and, for that reason alone, it is no surprise that many of John’s customers return again and again. Not merely one more time, but genuine repeat customers who come year after year. One particular group have come 15 years in a row and several other groups are not far behind! So it is no wonder that, if you want to go sika hunting with John Fenton, you need to plan well in advance to be sure of a place: especially during the peak of the rutting season in October.

Deer Hunting Season in Ireland
Sika Male: 1st September – 31th December
Sika Female and Antlerless Deer: 1st November – 28th February

Trophy Hunting for Sika Stag / Hind – minimum 2 day package.
Hunting applications for non-residents take 6-8 weeks.
Dates by mutual agreement.
3 hunting packages available, to suit all levels.

Top end scopes and high powered .270 rifles are available to hire and ammunition will be provided.

For further enquiries about hunting packages, please Contact us